Valentines Level Up – Are You Raising the Bar or are you the Bar?

  Valentines! aarh! who actually buys into this? Well,Let’s spin that and ask, why do people buy into it? Before i jump into this post ,i hope its established  in your minds by now that my website is predominantly about


Using Excel IF Function for a Specific Function Work Hard or Work Smart? Here is another Technical skill that you can use at work. I introduced this in some work i was doing, when i noticed that, it was taking

A Cover Letter That Stands Out

If you have already seen my blog post on CV writing, you may be considering writing a cover letter to finish off your job application. A cover letter is an opportunity for you to sell yourself and expand on 3

CV Writing

  CV WRITTING I am interrupting the Excel tutorial flow ,to bring in this blog post on CV writing tips. I have recently been writing and learning a lot. This is partly because, I appreciate the value that preparation and

Introduction to Excel

Are you Actually Prepared For The Job You are Looking For? It’s often said that success is  when preparation meets opportunity. But what does this preparation actually look like and how does it even align with a particular opportunity? In

Getting Employable -V LookUp Tutorial

I started preparing a post for soft skills that international students can consider developing to get work placements in UK, especially if this is part of their degree. I will get this up later but now more pressing issues at

Is Working From Home, Working?

Is Working From Home , working for you? First of All, Is it working? So… how are you doing or how is your mind doing with the transition to working from home? While some countries have experienced this change for

Here’s My Why

My ‘why’ After putting a lot of thought into what to include in my first blog post, I settled for explaining my ‘why’ . I aim to expand accessibility to resources for education; resources for reaching financial independence at every

How to Keep a level head in the new academic year

How to Keep a level head in the new academic year September is the begining of the academic year in most countries.   Seasons are changing too. How ironic!!  Summer to Autumn in the west or winter season to Summer

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