Practically Standing Out

    If you have hoped on my website to read any of my blog posts , i suspect that you have an interest in studying abroad or developing in your career. while i have embarked on this journey myself

Opportunities For The Intellectually Curious International Student

Remember my previous blog post on personal development plan? which describes the tip of the What; Why; When and How of creating a personal development plan. Every aspect i look at , even besides career, i see how important this

So, you have Been Asked To Write A personal Statement Supporting Your Application…

You made the commitment to make this application and spent time completing it. Now you get to the, usually last section , and you get asked to write a personal statement to support your application.  What on earth do you

Opening A Bank Account from Diaspora- TheForeign currency Account

So while we are off the shores of motherland, Malawi , we can sometimes  want to move money around for business, personal visit or dare i say black tax (which i am quite certain almost every African is familiar with

Opening a Malawi Bank Account from Diaspora -The bane of your patience?

I recently decided to open a new bank account in Malawi. This would be my second one , my first one was opened when i was a teenager. Am not gen Z so that should give you an idea of

When To Invest In a Personal Development Plan

When you write a personal statement as part of your job application or application to a university, you will notice that you are essentially grouping your character, your experiences and effectively the educational and professional choices you have made that


  Today’s post is an Excel tutorial  that i have created for a new business that is trying to get some systems in place to track down inventory and keep the machine going while working on  other various things that


Supplies for The Changing Office……at  Home I would like to make reference to my last blog post but if you follow me on my  instagram  page , you probably know by now that i had lost a big chunk of

Level Up – Are You Raising the Bar or are you the Bar?

  Valentines! aarh! who actually buys into this? Well,Let’s spin that and ask, why do people buy into it? Before i jump into this post ,i hope its established  in your minds by now that my website is predominantly about


Using Excel IF Function for a Specific Function Work Hard or Work Smart? Here is another Technical skill that you can use at work. I introduced this in some work i was doing, when i noticed that, it was taking

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