Navigating The New Job 2 – The First Week

Still carrying on with the new job series, now that one has started the new job, how on earth does one keep up with whats going on? One might be ‘bossing’ it through out but the head feels like a

Navigating a NEW Job Series- 1 : Before the Start date

  MIND THE GAP Isn’t it funny that we can be praying for change/ new opportunities but when the opportunity actually comes, we often feel more inadequate than excited? Especially when your change is not a smooth transition i.e you


  THE CONTEXT IS IT NECESSARY? Branding has always been something i initially associated with a marketing department of a big organisation. Let me rephrase- the sales part of marketing team in a big organisation. Something i found completely cringe!


The Back Story I have consumed a good amount of podcasts, interviews and social media content on how University degree certificates are no longer viewed as a guarantor for employability these days. My observation from following this topic on platforms

How To Get More Information about a Job Post -2022 Job Market

Is the Information on the Job Vacancy Advertisement enough? A job advert structure normally includes Job title; Salary; Location; Introduction to the organisation’s business; The advertised Role and responsibilities; Key requirements (qualifications and skills). Hays’ study on ‘what workers want’

How To Add work experience on C.V Without Work Experience

  Do you ever see job vacancies where they are asking for 2+years work experience for an entry level job post? If you are in the early stages of your career, this can be a frustrating hurdle to get over.

STEM Scholarships For Women

    Have you seen the Scholarship opportunity for women who who already have a degree, are currently active in the STEM field  and want to pursue STEM subjects at masters or fellowship? A quick run down of details… Who

Whats on your 2022 productivity plan?

      “You are not trying to be productive to do even more of the same thing with the spare time.It is to buy yourself Time to do what enriches your core” Mary Z          

Job Searching and Personal Development Plan – The level up process!

JOB SEARCHING The PDP and knowing you Goal Carrying out job search requires you to not only look at what the prospective employers are looking for but also what you are looking for as well.   So having a Personal development

5 Ways to Use a Difficult Internship as Stepping Stone to a Dream job

Is your internship looking like a scam and an opportunity for free labour? So you have just finished your undergraduate degree or are in your work placement year of your Bachelors degree, and you manage to secure your first office


The Problem  Do you ever find yourself with an email inbox that just gets clogged up with incoming emails, while you are already working on other emails? And those email notifications stop you from doing what you need to be

Practically Standing Out

    If you have hoped on my website to read any of my blog posts , i suspect that you have an interest in studying abroad or developing in your career. while i have embarked on this journey myself

Opportunities For The Intellectually Curious International Student

Remember my previous blog post on personal development plan? which describes the tip of the What; Why; When and How of creating a personal development plan. Every aspect i look at , even besides career, i see how important this

So, you have Been Asked To Write A personal Statement Supporting Your Application…

You made the commitment to make this application and spent time completing it. Now you get to the, usually last section , and you get asked to write a personal statement to support your application.  What on earth do you

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