About Me

About Me

Mary Zgambo

I have a Master of Science in finance Management degree and my professional background is in Higher Education. Besides my professional career, I have a keen interest in personal development, exploration through travel and fashion.

Hard work and faith are at the core of  everything I do.

Whether the playing field is level or not, I pursue everything with the aim of reaching whatever goal I have.

My educational journey was probably the most difficult but rewarding. I was a self funding , international student .I could not make excuses. I had to find a way to live out my faith and hard working ethic. When I hustle, I don’t give myself excuses.

I would like to share the things i have learnt and the things i like on this platform.

What I Believe

The more tools we have to educate ourselves and become great, the better our chances in becoming the best in our grind. Virtual education opportunities and training will give people an opportunity to find tools that are not generic but tailored to help them reach goals. I want to share that.

I value originality and hard working ethic. That will be the common thread on my platform.

My Passion

We have the power to set the tone on what people expect from us and what we expect from ourselves. I love trying new ways of navigating through financial, educational and fashion.


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