How To Add work experience on C.V Without Work Experience


Do you ever see job vacancies where they are asking for 2+years work experience for an entry level job post? If you are in the early stages of your career, this can be a frustrating hurdle to get over. While in some countries the unemployment rate is too high for students who are graduating in record numbers but lack of skills in jobs that are high producing at an international level.

In some countries , early career job opportunity challenges are simply because during pandemic a lot of companies closed and were therefore not hiring. This report shows a decrease in work experience opportunities during the pandemic. The juxtaposition of this , is as we all know, the pandemic opened up new industries. One that most people hadn’t trained for.

You might have had work experience , but now, after losing a job during the pandemic, you are now looking for jobs in an industry you don’t have experience in.

You might just have realised during the pandemic, how important work life balance is to you, so you are looking for hybrid working jobs.

You might be looking for a management role but have never had one, therefore you luck experience in a role.

What ever the reason , you need new experience that attracts the new role. So what are the ways to can achieve this?


  1. Analyse your personal projects




From my experience , side hustles tend to be things that involve your natural personal interests. Has this been the experience for you?

In your side hustle , the  transferable skills you could use on your C.V are , managing the side hustle project from start to finish by pointing out technics you used to keep project delivery to the deadline; any recruitment you undertook (virtual assistance etc).










   2.  Analyse your college or volunteer work

If you have seen my post on developing and using a personal development portfolio to see what skills you have developed during that time. Did you lead a project? Were you a spokes person for school project group.? Did you initiate or suggest any changes in your volunteer work that you did? If so, focus on the quantifiable results. what was the problem? why did you make the suggested solution? what action did you take? Did you lead the action plan? What were the results?How did the results benefit the organisation or the team?


3. Completely Understand and Believe in your abilities


Collating evidence based skills to sell to a potential employer (because it is technically a sales pitch), is like a promise to deliver some thing you have not delivered before. Somehow this is easier if it was something in a similar job description, than it is when it is from a side hustle or unrelated job role. 

I know i have experienced this, have you?

The result is that, one tends to undercharge their services or fails to negotiate pay.

This Venn diagram, is how you can arrive at what your best skills or natural abilities are. You can check this against what is on the job description. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve in them, because you do, in order to get paid for them and be industry relevant. 

It means when you are consistent with them , you will tap into delivering in a career you will enjoy.

This is one area that i have realised that is not easy for some of us to add quantifiable value. Especially if you have understood work in a traditional sense i.e apply for a job





Closed doors open new avenues if pay attention closely enough. A paid opportunity may come late because you have not built credibility yet, but work on your natural talent anyway. Do the thing that you would do even without pay because you enjoy it. Things will eventually come together, as long as you are consistent.


How To Add work experience on C.V Without Work Experience

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