Here’s My Why

My ‘why’

After putting a lot of thought into what to include in my first blog post, I settled for explaining my ‘why’ .

I aim to expand accessibility to resources for education; resources for reaching financial independence at every budget and to other ideas for success from an academic perspective.

Knowledge is key, to get to the next level. Whether its to learn how to budget or find out how to get the education you want without breaking the bank. It can create opportunities for people who want to increase there earning potential by studying abroad but either don’t know how or don’t have means.

For those overseas, nothing should stand in the way of accessing resources for academic development.

Education expands beyond classrooms parameters, in my opinion, and I think this is an advantage for my friends who are living overseas and want an international qualification. You can either study as an international student ; take distance learning opportunites with a higher education institution or undertaking virtual professional development. What is important is to have clear defined goals.


Although there are a lot of great colleges, I studied at universities both at under graduate and post grad. So perhaps my view will be biased, but i hope my input on this platform will benefit some , especially international students.


Getting into UK higher education and perhaps any higher education requires an understanding that there are different ways of learning.

You can pay for yourself to enrol, get a tier 4 visa via self application or through an agent. More on how to apply for a tier 4 visa is here

If moving to UK is expensive or not practical, distance learning is another option to complete studies .

I think to get much from your university experience; your view of it should be that your learning has to be beyond the class room. Besides choosing the right institution for you that has the module content you want to learn, things like the city ; opportunities in the area; extra curricular activities available can help you build your portfolio and knowledge.

It forces you to get out of your comfort zone ; make connections and build support networks

Having experienced higher education both in and outside Europe, the choice of university is as important as the way you learn, the city you are in , the connections you make is as important as the university you choose and the career path you want to take.

If you are from overseas, it is more than likely that the form of learning will be different. From my experience, majority of academic work will be research based and therefore you will need to familiarise yourself with best ways to carry out research

In the next post, I will share my view on Choosing University: Challenges: Benefits: Sponsorship opportunities

Here’s My Why

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